It is no secret hat the pandemic has presented many challenges when it comes to distance learning. One problem that has arisen is the lack of physical activities. Studying (and working) at home has everyone glued to their seats and research shows sitting for long periods isn’t good for the health.

Binhi has always been keen on creating solutions for obstacles that have emerged throughout the pandemic. That’s why the organization, together with Paco Borromeo, launched the “Let’s Get Moving Challenge.” This video exercise series is released weekly, the first of which was uploaded on February 22, 2021. It’s an excellent way for the students to get moving with fun and easy exercises by Paco Borromeo.

The “Let’s Get Moving Challenge” is not just for the students of Binhi. It’s pretty much for everyone who needs a little bit of movement in their lives. At the same time, the “Let’s Get Moving Challenge” is a call for anyone who would like to donate a little bit of their blessings to the students of Binhi.

It’s hard to absorb any sort of information on an empty stomach. The “Let’s Get Moving Challenge” was also launched to raise funds so Binhi can supply snacks to students. If you are interested to move and improve your health and others’ health too, join the “Let’s Get Moving Challenge” available every week until April 26, 2021.

You can also help us spread the word by posting your “Let’s Get Moving Challenge” photos or videos along with this caption: “I (your name) with Paco Borromeo and Binhi English Literacy Foundation accept the #letsgetmovingchallenge to help raise funds for the snacks of Binhi students.”

You may donate through the following accounts:

BPI 0295-2913-46- Ma Victoria B. Ortigas

GCash 0956-813-2573- Hannah V. Cariño

Watch teaser here:

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