“A tool is only as good as the hands that wield it.”

This challenging school year, Binhi came up with the ClassHome Kit to continue providing learning support to its 124 students from 4 different schools. However, new obstacles arose when it came to the implementation of the Binhi ClassHome Kit.

A Binhi ClassHome Kit contains instructional videos, school supplies, arts and craft materials, and also enjoyable activity sheets related to the lessons. The materials and lessons are good for 4 weeks. They are delivered to schools in Pasay, Pasig, Sucat, and Laguna every month.

Due to the pandemic, some of the parents have difficulty picking up the ClassHome Kits from the school. Binhi teachers adjust pick-up times to accommodate the schedules of the parents, even going so far as to distribute the ClassHome Kits during weekends.

The activity sheets in the ClassHome Kit need to be submitted so teachers can keep track of the progress of the students. These activity sheets are checked weekly, however, parents also have trouble submitting their children’s work. With this particular problem, Binhi drop boxes were placed in schools for a more convenient submission process. For activities that need to be submitted daily, the free messenger is utilized by the teachers as some parents have connectivity issues. For the mid- and post-tests of the students, Binhi opted for virtual testing via messenger.

The effectiveness and success of the Binhi ClassHome Kit also comes down to good communication. That’s why Binhi teachers have a group chat with the students’ parents. On the group chats, teachers are able to remind the parents of the activities the students need to do for the day. It is also a channel for submission of the students’ proof of completed output. If parents have any questions or clarifications, Binhi teachers are reachable through the group chat.

Binhi also offers support to the teachers by opening a group chat for them. One of the challenges the Binhi teachers faced throughout the school year was getting the cooperation of the students’ parents. To encourage the parents to pick-up and submit ClassHome Kits, Binhi gave out snacks as incentives. There is also a Pupil of the Month reward and special notes given by the schools’ principals.

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