“Binhi is a blessing.” 

It’s Binhi’s first year to implement its ClassHome Kit during the “new normal.” For Principal Norma B. Jamon of Marcelo Marcela Elementary School, Binhi is a blessing. She’s very thankful for the organization, the sponsors, the teachers, and also the parents for all of the help and cooperation amid these trying times.

Norma B. Jamon has been a public school principal for over 5 years. At her previous post at Juan Sumulong Elementary School, she has already been an advocate for prioritizing improvement in reading among the students, implementing programs such as Every Child a Reader program, Word of the Day, Story Problem a Day, Oplan: Save the Stars, and Read to Me/Recite to Me.

English and Filipino are the subjects that Principal Norma is most interested in. And in her experience, she sees that most students are scared of reading in English as opposed to Filipino. She believes extra encouragement is definitely needed.

According to her “Reading is one of the key competencies a learner must possess”. Binhi can do more than just improve the English reading proficiency of the students. A child that learns to read and comprehend English results in a boost of confidence. At the same time, it gives the child the ability to do schoolwork on their own.

Principal Norma also believes that Binhi’s English literacy program benefits the relationship between the students and their parents. The ClassHome Kit gives a chance for the family to bond. She regards it as a worthy project as it is another opportunity for children to learn with the help of their parents.

Thank you to our generous donors: Light Rail Manila Corporation for sponsoring one Beginning Reading Program with 20 students and Mr. Cecile Dela Cruz and his fundraising efforts for sponsoring one Early Reading Class of 20 students.


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