It is undeniable that this has been one of the darkest times of our lives especially for children and students who are at risk of not completing their primary education because of the absence of learning support in their homes and their communities during the pandemic. For the teachers, it is a daunting challenge to implement DepEd’s new blended learning this school year.

“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.”– Abraham Maslow

With the threat of safety and non-assurance of distance learning and despite everything being uncertain, Binhi chose to step forward and adapt using alternative learning methods through online and other platforms.

From “Every Filipino child in school and learning well” to “Every Filipino child at home and learning well”.

Binhi English Literacy Foundation, Inc. in coordination with its partner schools, revised its program using a blended modality. The Modified Binhi Program was initiated after a simulation testing of the materials and manner of distribution, monitoring, and after applying the constructive feedback and positive response from parents, students, and teachers. It will be using the same 24-week literacy program, utilizing an online and modular instead of face to face approach. Identified students will be given a kit that will include: Comprehensible Self-learning Module, Appropriate and Enjoyable Activity Sheets, School Supplies, Art and Crafts Materials, and supplemental Pre-recorded instructional videos.

The Binhi Class Home School Activity program approach is designed with the safety in mind of the 135 students in four different sites this S.Y. 2020-2021. The Class Home Kit will be delivered bi-monthly to each site. On a scheduled day, pre-test, succeeding tests- mid and post will be conducted by Binhi Staff via Messenger video call. We aim to ensure a bright start of learning for the children and offer assistance to their parents in case any difficulty is encountered while teaching their kids without compromise to the program’s effectiveness.

We may not be together physically, but one thing is for sure, distance is not a hindrance to provide a brighter tomorrow for a child. Binhi continues its mission during the COVID season to assist a hand to the weak and struggling reader.

True to our word, “No child will be left behind”.

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