Like many nonprofit organizations, BINHI was formed by the concerted efforts of volunteers.

Founded by Lisa Tinio Bayot in 2008 off an inspiration from a widely esteemed NGO in India, Pratham, BINHI’s coming into being is largely through Lisa’s friends, and friends of friends — all of whom contributing their expertise, passion, and experience in education and community involvement.

Soon after, there was a growing team organizing the community, designing and writing the modules, training the teachers (initially, community mothers and volunteer teachers), pretesting the potential beneficiaries, procuring teaching and learning materials, engaging sponsors, planning, and getting the classes up and running in the chosen communities.

Almost a decade and over 100 classes after, BINHI still thrives on volunteerism. We have retirees, professionals, and students spending their summers and free time producing and assembling the learning materials. Before the rollout of classes around July, volunteers join the BINHI team in the long process of pretesting prospective scholars. Testing happens again mid-year and after the program. Our scholars also enjoy interacting with volunteers who help as teacher assistants during classes. BINHI volunteers also come to sponsor or attend program events and activities, such as Christmas parties and parent meetings.

To be a BINHI volunteer means sharing in the advocacy of ensuring that children in the pre- and primary levels do not go too far in school without being able to read. It is sharing in the worthy task of investing time or resources to help non- and frustrated readers cope better in school. Volunteering means believing that if we want to empower our young, we can start by encouraging in them the habit of and a love for reading.

We’d love to hear from you! For questions or to find out how you can volunteer for BINHI, please send us an email through

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