Probably the best thing about being a BINHI scholar is benefiting from the attention and the dedication of teachers and volunteer teachers who champion the BINHI vision of keeping every child in school and learning well.

To usher in school year 2017-2018, BINHI teachers gathered on July 1, 2017 for a refresher on the BINHI modules and a workshop on storytelling. Because stories are an integral part of the literacy classes, BINHI invited Ms. Monette Rafols, a registered guidance counselor, to speak about the value of a story and creating a storyline, and engaged the teachers in a fun workshop of using their bodies to showcase a story.

BINHI founder Lisa Tinio Bayot, Dom Gavino of ING Foundation, and master teachers from HJAES, and a coordinator from ING-LC were also in attendance. They held a focus group discussion to evaluate the program implementation and set targets for the upcoming school year.

On October 28, the teachers attended another training workshop, this time to work on their creativity and strategy to effectively respond to the needs of learners who need more learning guidance. Entitled Design Thinking & Response to Intervention and facilitated by Ms. Hazel Forastero (BS in Psychology – Educ Stream; MAT Reading – English) — the training workshop taught teachers to redesign their thoughts when faced with recurring problems and challenges in the classroom, so that they may come up with strategies that work.

Also the workshop had the teachers designing language/reading teaching manipulatives that they could use to help the pupils who fall behind in a lesson or skill taught in class. Summoning their creativity, the teachers modified objects (like an analog clock) and common games (such as dominoes and bingo) into manipulatives to teach reading. 

Those were two productive days indeed.

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