A new Kit 0 class, a Kit 2 class, and two new Kit 1 classes in a public school mark the beginning of another BINHI school year.

Expanding its partnership with BINHI, ING Foundation decided to open a pre-reading class (Kit 0, Kinder) and an independent reading class (Kit 2, Grade 3) for the pupils in HJ Atienza Elementary School.

Through pooled donations, BINHI was also able to open two beginning reading classes (Kit 1, Grade 2) at Dr. Celedonio Salvador Elementary School in Paco, Manila. With support from their principal Olivia Joaquin, BINHI was able to shortlist non- and frustrated readers and open two classes to help more Grade 2 pupils catch up on their literacy skills.

Over the summer, BINHI also launched a Training the Trainers program, to create a pool of trainers for the BINHI program. Past and current BINHI teachers were invited to the first one-day session, facilitated by Miles Po and Ciara Lazatin-Mapa, creator of the Kit 0 (Pre-reading Program) module.

To further motivate its teachers and to encourage some healthy competition, ING — through BINHI — is running a Teacher Incentive Program among teachers of its sponsored schools. Awards to be given are BINHI Champion (teacher/s who—by their pupils’ collective achievement and their demonstrated commitment to the program—best served the BINHI vision of keeping every Filipino child in school and learning well), Teaching Champion (teacher/s who—by their teaching style and skills—best exemplified the belief that every child is unique and has different learning abilities, but all children will thrive best in a caring and supportive environment), and Pupil Attendance Champion (teacher/s whose class achieved the best achievement in attendance).

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